CheQQme CEO: How Gamification can Increase Retention of Today’s Customers?
“With today’s savvy consumer, it’s crucial that brands focus on how to better interact with them,” that is how we opened our discussion with WeiChee Lee, CEO of CheQQme, as he...
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Interview with WHENSO Labs’ CTO: Logistics as a Brand Differentiator for Retail and E-commerce Business
Adit Rahim (Head of Corporate Communications for Sedania Innovator Berhad) interviewed Elbert Chuah (CTO of WHENSO Labs) in our Hard Talk session at SME Innovation Stories #4 (hosted by Fusionex)...
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CEO of on Rethinking People Management in the Digital Era
For many years, Effon Khoo, the CEO of, has been empowering organizations to take advantage of technology in managing people and creating an efficient work environment. He recently joined...
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Providing High Quality Customer Service through Integrated Communication Strategy: An interview with the CEO of Soft Solvers Solutions
When it comes to providing superior customer service, today’s SMEs are facing the challenges of coping with the rise of newer customer support channels such as social media, email, website,...
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8 tips on how to conduct a productive customer validation interview
The popular customer validation mantra, “Get out of the building” that is coined by Steve Blank, is the most fundamental and core process to discover and validate a great product...
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Minimum-Viable-Product Demystified (Part 2)
I wrote the Part 1 of this article last year and a lot of people was requesting me to write a step-by-step guide for planning and designing Minimum-Viable-Product (MVP). I...
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5 ways how non-tech companies can leverage on start-ups for innovation, growth, and talent
This article is specifically for business owners of non-tech companies. Start-ups are commonly perceived as young companies that build and sell new gadgets and other cool technological products, where they...
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What is a Minimum-Viable-Product? (Part 1)
There are a lot of buzz on the “lean methodology” lately, such as Lean Startup, Customer Development, Agile Development approach, etc. Every now and then you will hear startups discussing...
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Contact Management vs. Relationship Management
“I hate managing contacts, but I absolutely love meeting new people and establishing relationships.” That’s the phrase that hit me to write this when I come across this article Evernote...
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