Let us be Your CTO on Demand now!

Looking for a CTO?

Small / Medium Business Owners, CEOs, Senior Business Execs

Are you looking for a CTO but can’t really afford one?

  • Let us manage the technology to align with your business goals.
  • Leverage on our business driven digital transformation program to scale up
  • Use business model innovation & strategic technology solution to disrupt your competition
  • Get control on budget and timeline of your technology projects

Startups / Non-Technical Entrepreneurs

Are you a tech entrepreneur who has a great idea but does not have the technical expertise?

  • Minimize your risk through systematic market validation and MVP development
  • Build your product quickly with minimal cost using our team
  • Instantly get an experienced technical co-founder with strong business sense.
  • Steamline miscommunication between technical and business teams

Procto Works With


To Market Validate their innovative ideas and build their Minimum Viable Product in the lowest risk using the least time.


To solve their business challenges and grow their business through Digital Transformation and Business Model Innovation.


To perform Technical Due Diligence and justify business potential on their planned technology investment.

Our Clients


Out of our misfortune from horrifying experience with an outsourced developer, I had the chance to talk to their CTO. Instead of jumping to solutions, they asked good probing questions to fact find, and put understanding our business requirements & objectives first. They managed to put on their business consultant hat nicely with tech hat. A good CTO material.

Melinda YeohChief Executive Officer, Coconect Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

They have proved themselves to be an invaluable CTO to us. With little direction, they were able to quickly understand our business requirements and successfully execute on those requirements. Under tight deadline, they were able to deliver a stable, feature-complete application that was very well received by the client.

Donato MasellisSales Support Manager, Net-Linx Americas, Canada

An excellent CTO. They really knows their stuff when it comes to technological innovation. They were able to take our idea and turn it into reality. Their strengths in understanding the customer needs, project management experience and knowledge ensure that we delivered the software solution on time, to spec and within budget. Their clear and thoughtful analysis was exceptional as was the final solution.

Richard ReynoldsGroup Procurement Director, WorleyParsons, UAE

Their CTO have the ability to drill down to the core of the issue, a trait which I haven’t seen in many other tech professionals. It makes you feel “This was so easy, why didn’t I think of this before.” They are also an expert in Lean Startup methodology. Their keen sense of business had provided me the right perspective and saved a lot of time and made me feel comfortable even though I have no background in technology.

Aaditya SwaroopChief Executive Officer, My Amazing City, London

They have worked with us on launching our corporate innovation advisory services in Malaysia, Singapore, and China. In addition to their strong technical background, their CTO have great analytical skills, a superb storyteller with excellent copywriting and design skills.

Volker HeistermannManaging Director, Yushan Ventures, Taiwan.

An exceptional CTO that has a keen sense of business. Well verse in the lean startup method, they are a proponent of market validation through minimum-viable-product. This has greatly helped me to test critical business assumptions and obtain valuable feedbacks to help us refine our business ideas.

Mohammad Afiq Mohammad AzmiChief Executive Officer, Hoopoe Trade Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

I have worked with them for many years in their capacity as our CTO. They have displayed a unique combination of technical skill and business acumen that has always impressed me and resulted in happy repeat clients and opened doors to many opportunities.

Peter KeyChief Executive Officer, Objective World Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

They play an excellent role of a CTO for businesses. Business owners and technology professionals can sometimes speak a different languages and become confused. They forms the bridge between CEOs and their technical team. They understand both sides very well. This is key to the success in any technological development.

Maresa NgChief Executive Officer, Spark Activators Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia