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We innovate your business model
through strategic technology solution, so that you
get 80% of the benefit for 20% of the cost

If you have innovative ideas but do not have the technical expertise, we are
your CTO to build your digital business model with minimum risk.

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CTO Works With…


To market validate their innovative ideas and build their product with the least time and cost through technology shortcuts.


To solve their business challenges and grow their business through strategic technology planning and implementation.


To perform technical due diligence and justify business potential on their planned technology investment.

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Or if you have been meeting with some technology experts lately, here are some questions that can help you on interviewing and finding right technology specialists.

“Thomas has worked with us on launching our corporate innovation advisory services in Malaysia, Singapore and China. In addition to their strong technical background, Thomas and his team have great analytical skills, superb storyteller with excellent copywriting and design skills.”

- Volker Heistermann, Managing Director, Yushan Ventures, Taiwan.

“Thomas organizes his thoughts logically, and explains to me about the usage of technology very clearly. His recommendation of doing market validation and his expertise in MVP development had indeed helped me in minimizing the risks of building my early stage startup. His strong business acumen and the ability to identify the cost implications of each possible options is a major difference in working with programmers / developers.”

- Niki Ng, Chief Executive Officer, EziAssure, Malaysia.

“I admire Thomas’ ability to drill down to the core of the issue, a trait which I haven’t seen in many other tech professionals. It makes you feel “This was so easy, why didn’t I think of this before.” He is also an expert in Lean Startup methodology. Thomas’ keen sense of business had provided me the right perspective and saved a lot of time and made me feel comfortable even though I have no background in technology.”

- Aaditya Swaroop, Chief Executive Officer, My Amazing City, London.

“Thomas is an excellent CTO. He really knows his stuff when it comes to technological innovation. He was able to take our idea and turn it into reality. His strengths in understanding the customer needs, project management experience and knowledge ensure that we delivered the software solution on time, to spec and within budget. His clear and thoughtful analysis was exceptional as was the final solution.”

- Richard Reynolds, Group Director – Procurement, WorleyParsons, UAE.