Overcoming Challenges in Our Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is real and it's happening right now. Businesses from around the world, in all industries, are committing more time and resources to their 'Digital Strategy' than ever before....
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What is Architectural Innovation & 3 Examples for it
A research team Architectural Innovation Definition Architectural innovation refers to destroying the usefulness of a company’s architectural knowledge but preserving the usefulness of the knowledge about the firm’s products components...
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What is Incremental Innovation & Some Interesting Examples
Incremental Innovation Definition Incremental innovation is an upgrade or a series of small improvements to a firm’s services, processes, and products. The changes focus on improving existing products' productivity, efficiency,...
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Why Disruptive Innovation is the Best Innovation Type
The theory of disruptive innovation, has done wonders in the business world for many companies. Many leaders of large organizations such as, Intel and Southern New Hampshire University have...
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The 4 Types of Innovation and Their Strategies for Companies to Innovate
Source : Henderson, Clark (1990). Architectural innovation Business innovation is the process of a company introducing new methodologies, workflows, services, products, and ideas. Like Information Technology, which calls for using...
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CheQQme CEO: How Gamification can Increase Retention of Today’s Customers?
“With today’s savvy consumer, it’s crucial that brands focus on how to better interact with them,” that is how we opened our discussion with WeiChee Lee, CEO of CheQQme, as he...
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Interview with WHENSO Labs’ CTO: Logistics as a Brand Differentiator for Retail and E-commerce Business
Adit Rahim (Head of Corporate Communications for Sedania Innovator Berhad) interviewed Elbert Chuah (CTO of WHENSO Labs) in our Hard Talk session at SME Innovation Stories #4 (hosted by Fusionex)...
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CEO of on Rethinking People Management in the Digital Era
For many years, Effon Khoo, the CEO of, has been empowering organizations to take advantage of technology in managing people and creating an efficient work environment. He recently joined...
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Providing High Quality Customer Service through Integrated Communication Strategy: An interview with the CEO of Soft Solvers Solutions
When it comes to providing superior customer service, today’s SMEs are facing the challenges of coping with the rise of newer customer support channels such as social media, email, website,...
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