Why my website is not generating leads or sales?

You probably hired a web designer or did it yourself to build your website some time ago. You recalled the site structure and design is decided mainly based on your best guess at a design that would please the client, or on looking at the competition’s sites. Your website has all the usual contents – Your homepage tells your visitors who you are and what you do; The overall website talks about your products and services you offer and their features; There may be an FAQ page to answer common questions that your prospects may ask; There are some means to purchase or make further enquiries.

You realized that after several months launching your website, it doesn’t seem to produce great results. You probably manage to attract some people to visit your website. But very little seem to take make purchase or enquiries or other desired actions to achieve your site’s goals. You may consider purchasing (or had already purchased) advertising to improve the situation.

How to generate more leads or sales from your website?

Here are some solutions that you can consider. There is no single best solution, nor is there a “one size fits all” approach to this. You need to know what you intend to achieve, and the pros and cons for every strategy below.

Is your website optimized for these strategies?

All these are good strategies to get more customers to come to your website. Before employing these strategies, you should make sure your website is optimized in converting them into customers. Otherwise you will waste a lot of time and money getting people visit your website, but only realized later that very little turn into your sales. If you think this makes sense to you, then our CTO can probably help you.

“If your website has a singular home page, one single page for each product or service, then your site is not optimized in attracting visitors and converting them into customers.”

Your generic home page is giving weak and mixed messages. Your product or service page is talking about a bunch of different things (because you want to appeal to different people). People will leave your site as soon as they find it is not providing them with information for their immediate needs.

Fine tune your site structure to attract more customers

Our CTO will fine tune your website by creating a range of specialized landing pages, where each of them are targeted for specific types of visitors and talks about their specific needs. Because people reach at pages that relate closely to their need, they will be more engaged. As a result, they will have a higher level of trust on you, and will feel more confident to move forward following the path that you provide for them.

Expand your offerings to reach out to wider range of customers

If your website mostly talks about your products or services, then you are missing a lot of selling opportunities. The ugly fact is, most people don’t care about your products or services, they are just interested in buying solutions to their needs. Our CTO will work with you to rewrite your offers so that they focus on the solutions that you sell, instead of on the products and services that you deliver. We will start by identifying different types of customer, then listing the possible problems or needs that your product or service could solve for each customer. This will multiply the selling opportunities of your website.

Research keywords that brings customers to your offer

Once you have an optimized site structure, our CTO will research keywords to identify what each of your page is offering, so that visitors to that page will find what they expect when they click the link. If you understand that people often search online for a solution to a problem, then your website should address them using the same language. (This is also the language that search engines use to match queries to content.) The keywords are not necessarily search terms that could bring a lot of traffic. There is no point attracting people who are looking for something you don’t offer, they will just go away if they cannot find what they want. This will simply waste your advertising money.

Optimize your site funnel to convert more visitors to customers

Once your website is up, our CTO will create your site funnels from every possible path from a landing page to a goal completion. Your site’s conversion rate will be measured based on the percentage of visitors entering the funnel who go on to complete the goal, which can be making a purchase, signing up, sharing information, sending enquiry, etc. Our CTO will optimize your site funnel by motivating visitors to move forward to the next buying stage until they complete your goal. If someone quits in the process, that represents a “leak” in the funnel. We will spot and fix these leaks until your funnel is working well.

What you can expect from your optimized website?

After your site is optimized by our CTO, you will find out it attracts more visitors and provides you greater chances of converting them into potential customers or sales leads. Aside from that, your optimization effort will also pay off in the following ways:

Higher search engine ranking

Your optimized site naturally searches engine optimized as it addresses a broad range of needs of different customers. This makes it easier to match what they search and will rank higher in the search engine results page.

Lower bounce rate

The well targeted and highly relevant contents of your optimized site will entice your visitors to spend more time on your site. This also means there’s a better chance of them taking action.

Increased popularity

People will easily find your optimized site useful, thus they will be more likely to bookmark or even link to your site. This will create more links back to your site, thus making it even easier to be found.

Higher ROI of your advertising spend

You will find the traffic from your paid advertising yield better results as your optimized site converts more of them into leads or customers.

Reduced Internet marketing cost

As time goes, your optimized site will attract more new visitors organically. This will gradually reduce or even eliminate your cost on other forms of advertising.

If any of these sound interesting to you, get in touch with our CTO and let us know your website address. We will show you how your optimized website will look like.