Sun Crusher: The Great War (Teaser Trailer)

Sun Crusher: The Great War (Teaser Trailer)After months of planning and design, finally I am able to show you the first look into Sun Crusher: The Great War. This is Bad Nose Entertainment’s upcoming exciting sci-fi action game, which is a unique blend of third person action and real-time strategy game. In Sun Crusher, players take a role of a prisoner trapped in a prison armor designed to hold rather than protect, you are sentenced to indefinite service to the Corporation’s military service. Engage in the Sun Crusher’s unforgiving universe as you, a mobile weapon of destruction in the employ of the Corporation wage war against rival forces and ultimately will you attain freedom from the very prison that binds your very soul. Follow story driven missions and embark on espionage within massive interstellar warships to planetary battles and unravel the very corruption of the Corporation. Players must utilize a mix of stealth and tactical decisions and mastery of state-of-the-art weaponry and occasionally brute force to complete missions.

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