Building The Smarter Way

Building-The-Smarter-WayThe construction industry has substantial socio-economic impact, both nationally and internationally. Yet, given the obvious importance of the industry, it is surprising that the general view of the industry is one that is resistant to change, inefficient and lagging behind most industries in terms of technology implementation. This is largely due to the nature of how the industry operates, and the relatively low awareness of technology capability among industry players. With globalization happening at such an immense pace, operational costs on the rise, and increasing demand for more quality and sophisticated buildings, we need better ways of doing business now. As already proven in other industries, technology can help small companies to act “big”, and help big companies to act “small”. Small construction firms can leverage on technologies to acquire some of the capabilities and market access of larger organizations, while large construction firms can use technologies to achieve some of the agility and responsiveness of small organizations.

This presentation will give you a great eye-opener to some cutting edge technologies for the construction industry. You will learn of various specialist technologies that can help you to design and construct buildings with good quality, on schedule, and within budget. We will share with you some tips on choosing the right technology, and various implementation strategies to ensure you get the most out of technology in your business process.

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