Sun Crusher: The Great War (Gameplay Trailer)

Sun Crusher: The Great War (Gameplay Trailer)After much anticipation, the demo of Sun Crusher: The Great War is released. This is a unique blend of third person action and real-time strategy game by Bad Nose Entertainment, where you take a role of a prisoner trapped in a prison armor designed to hold rather than protect, you are sentenced to indefinite service to the Corporation’s military service.

The key features in Sun Crusher are:

  • Play as mobile prison armor designed for maneuverability, speed and enhanced strength.
  • Explore a wide variety of immersive 3D environments as you undergo a variety of treacherous missions to infiltrate, search and destroy, rescue operations and many more.
  • Learn to use and master a variety of weapons and discover new forbidden exotic weaponry to overcome obstacles.
  • Play the role as a commander to plan the tactical strategy for your troops, or join the forces of the infantry units and have all the action that you want.
  • Added multiplayer features allows for more space flight fun with other players.

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