Business technology: Is it your secret weapon or baggage?

Business technology: Is it your secret weapon or baggage?Doing business in today’s rapid change and globalized environment, we no longer can just depend on ordinary business principles. We need to constantly innovate to change the way we do business or face rivals who do so to offer superior value to their customers. Technology is an enabler for business innovation, and it’s probably the most accessible strategy to innovate the way how your business works. It’s a common myth that only large corporations and businesses that sell technologies need to innovate. In fact, in today’s marketplace, whether you are selling printers or flowers, you need to leverage on technology for honing your competitive edge, even more so for small businesses. But the question is: What technology is applicable to you? Which one is the best? Will they create more work and headaches for me?

This presentation is carefully designed for business owners who are non-tech savvy. A framework is presented to help you in your business planning process to incorporate technological elements that can innovate your business model. This will allow you to be more objective when choosing the right technology for your business.

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