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How to get a software solution for your business?

There are many avenues where you can look into for software solutions. Each of them has their own pros and cons. Here is a list of common players in the software industry and how they typically work:

Product Vendors

These are typically sales consultants from the vendor company that develops the software product. Or it can also be their reseller or implementation partners. They are very technology driven and feature oriented. They will demonstrate to you how their product can solve your business problems, though sometimes you may wonder whether it is as effective as they claim to be, as they are very unlikely to provide you alternative options from other vendors. Without comparison, you might also risk paying more for “bells and whistles” that you don’t need. Nonetheless, this is by far the cheapest and fastest way of getting a software solution.

Pros: Low overall implementation costs.
Cons: Risk getting unsuitable solution and paying more for unnecessary features.

System Integrators

These are typically technical professionals with good knowledge in putting various software components together. If you know what are the bits and pieces of software that you require, they are able to put them together to make them work seamlessly. This provides you a wider options and flexibility when it comes to software selection. Similar as product vendor, the effectiveness of the integrated software in solving your business problems is entirely up to your knowledge.

Pros: Better flexibility on software selection.
Cons: Need to know the best technology for your business requirements.

Software Developers

These are also known as “software house” that specialize in creating custom built software solution. They will typically ask for your requirements or features that you would like to have on your software. The good thing is they will deliver you a software solution that is uniquely yours as per your exact specification. But unless you are very sure about the features that you want, along with their effectiveness to solve your business problems, and then spend time to write a detailed specification, otherwise they will not work well with you. Your changing requirements will pose potential risk on over budget and delay. As their cost is entirely based on the time and effort required as per your specification, the implementation costs can go very steep depends on the project scope and duration.

Pros: Get a unique solution that meets your exact needs.
Cons: High implementation costs and development risk.

How to find a software with the right features and pricing for you?

The summary above should give you a good idea for deciding who is the right party that you should get in touch with to get your software solution. But if you need greater assurance in getting a more effective solution for your problems, and you can’t afford a custom built software, then our CTO can probably help you by exploring more options to choose and compare from so that you can pick one with the right features and pricing for you.

Tell me how will CTO find my software solution

Or if you just like to get a quick advice on the possible solutions to your problems, then perhaps you can try out our Innovation Scorecard Test. It can helps you to analyze and identify the most critical problems in your business, and then give you specific ideas how you can solve them and innovate further.