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What others say about us?

Here are what others have to say about us. Full reference contact information is available upon request:

"Thomas has worked with us on launching our corporate innovation advisory services in Malaysia, Singapore and China. In addition to their strong technical background, Thomas and his team have great analytical skills, superb storyteller with excellent copywriting and design skills."
- Volker Heistermann, Managing Director, Yushan Ventures, Taiwan. (26 Jan 2017)

"Thomas organizes his thoughts logically, and explains to me about the usage of technology very clearly. His recommendation of doing market validation and his expertise in MVP development had indeed helped me in minimizing the risks of building my early stage startup. As a CTO, I value Thomas ability not only to think technically, but also know the needs of the business and identify the cost implications of each possible options – A major difference in working with programmers / developers."
- Niki Ng, Chief Executive Officer, EziAssure, Malaysia. (30 Jan 2016)

"As I was working with Thomas in the past 3 months for a new business idea, we were doing market validation, technology evaluation, and finally pitch deck development. Their services had helped in our attempt to discover and develop new business opportunities for our assets. Thomas provided his perspective not only on technology, but also shared his input on the market insights, relevant contacts in your network, and business development."
- Srikrishna Vadrevu, Chief Executive Officer, SigMax E Services, Malaysia. (2 Jan 2015)

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"I admire Thomas’ ability to drill down to the core of the issue, a trait which I haven’t seen in many other tech professionals. It makes you feel “This was so easy, why didn’t I think of this before.” He is also an expert in Lean Startup methodology. Thomas’ keen sense of business had provided me the right perspective and saved a lot of time and made me feel comfortable even though I have no background in technology."
- Aaditya Swaroop, Chief Executive Officer, My Amazing City, London. (23 Apr 2014)

"Thomas is able to see beyond technical needs. He has knowledge and insights about the consumer and business requirements. He is very familiar with the concept of MVP. I would advocate that you consider him for your projects especially concerning prototyping and initial start-up pivots. Thomas is also flexible and able to accommodate requirements in order to meet end objectives."
- SF Wong, Chief Executive Officer, Pixnix, Malaysia. (15 Feb 2014)

"I hired Thomas in early 2012 to work with me to develop a business plan and also design a prototype of the business. Thomas impressed me on many aspects – he’s fairly balanced in terms of his appreciation of business principles, entrepreneurship and having a pragmatic view of developing startup ideas and prototypes. This is in addition to the fact that he has the necessary CTO chops and can command and manage a tech team."
- Hanson Toh, Chief Executive Officer, Stone Soup Technologies Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia. (2 Oct 2013)

"Thomas plays an excellent role of a CTO. Business owners and technology professionals can sometimes speak a different languages and become confused. Thomas forms the bridge between CEOs and their technical team. He understands both sides very well. This is key to the success in any technological development, be it as simple as building a website, or as complex as building a new software."
- Maresa Ng, Chief Executive Officer, Spark Activators Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia. (25 Apr 2013)

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"I have worked with Thomas for many years in his capacity as CTO at Objective World. He has displayed a unique combination of technical skill and business acumen that has always impressed me and resulted in happy repeat clients and opened doors to many opportunities. I look forward to many more years of his insight.I look forward to many more years of his insight."
- Peter Key, Chief Executive Officer, Objective World Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia. (27 Dec 2012)

"I value Thomas because he is very frank and honest in giving his opinions. He is very transparent, as such I have the liberty to trust him and take his opinion when making a business decision. Technology by itself is invaluable only when it is applied with a good business sense. In that context when we were working on most of the business solutions to our prospective customers, Thomas had always acted as the CTO of VYAZ and had successfully put forth how ideas should be translated into viable business projects."
- Thayalan Arumugam, Business Development Director, VYAZ Distribution & Marketing Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia. (17 Dec 2012)

"Thomas is an excellent CTO. He really knows his stuff when it comes to technological innovation. He was able to take our idea and turn it into reality. His strengths in understanding the customer needs, project management experience and knowledge ensure that we delivered the software solution on time, to spec and within budget. His clear and thoughtful analysis was exceptional as was the final solution. He has a great personable style, strong integrity and considerable experience and it’s been a pleasure to work with him."
- Richard Reynolds, Group Director – Procurement, WorleyParsons, UAE. (4 June 2012)

"Thomas is a good listener. He listened and shared his experience with me to review critical issues that I might overlooked otherwise. Unlike a developer who may be too focused on adopting the best but expensive technology. If you are not tech-savvy, there will be risk of miscommunication and project delay. As the CTO of my startup, Thomas understands my business first and recommends reasonable options that meet my business function perfectly. Hence, it helps me to save cost."
- Charles Choong, Chief Executive Officer,, Singapore. (22 May 2012)

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"Despite his vast knowledge and experience, Thomas remains humble and has been very helpful in my unravelling of my IT requirements. He’s personable approach helped us get to the crux of our project in a focused manner. Thomas also went beyond his scope of work and provided us with varied yet relevant perspectives. What’s more, Thomas is also green at heart, which is an added boon to our project."
- Joanne Lim, Chief Executive Officer, Green Sentral Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia. (30 November 2011)

"Out of our misfortune from horrifying experience with an outsourced developer, I had the chance to talk to Thomas. Instead of jumping to solutions, he asked good probing questions to fact find, and put understanding our business requirements & objectives first. He is passionate about sharing. Thomas manages to put on his business consultant hat nicely with tech hat. A good CTO material."
- Melinda Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer, Coconect Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia. (1 October 2010)

"I’ve worked with Thomas on several occasions. He’s a whiz kid in technological innovation! He turns ideas into reality. No matter how difficult an idea is to execute, he has a way out."
- Yen-Teik Lee, PhD in Business Candidate, Singapore Management University, Singapore. (27 June 2010)

"I have had the opportunity to work with Thomas since 2008 and see him through his entrepreneurial journey. His willingness to learn new things and the constant sharpening his existing skills, makes him an asset to any start-up company."
- Johnathan Lee, Head of Ideas Bank, Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia. (22 May 2010)

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"Thomas has a clear vision on what he expected from business and passionately seek opportunities to work to further synergies professional and business relationship."
- Muhammad Syawalfiza Lokman , Chief Operating Officer, BBAT Technology Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia. (10 Feb 2010)

"I have known Thomas for many years since his student days. He has grown over the years to be a mature, innovative young entrepreneur. As a technology or solution provider, I can rest assured, Thomas and his company will strive to deliver quality product and good services."
- Eliza Noordin, Senior Government Technical Advisor, Microsoft, Malaysia. (25 May 2006)

"Thomas impressed me as having the ability to quickly understand the business requirements of the project and deliver his work to meet the committed deadlines. Working with unfamiliar technology in the telecommunications world and a tight schedule, he accepted the challenge and completed the project with success."
- Irwan Chew Abdullah, Managing Director, QuickNet Com Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia. (22 Dec 2005)

“Thomas worked with us to implement a software for a call centre that assist our market research project in Terengganu. He delivered the job as per specifications. He’s a nice guy and helpful to have around."
- Rahman Daud, Director, Introspek Asia, Malaysia. (14 Dec 2005)

"Thomas proved himself to be an invaluable project manager. With little direction, he was able to quickly understand the business requirements and successfully execute on those requirements. Under tight deadline, he was able to deliver a stable, feature-complete application that was very well received by the client. Thomas’ strong work ethic, self motivation, and ability to work independently were undoubtedly a strong factor in the success of the project."
- Donato Masellis, Sales Support Manager, Net-Linx Americas, Canada. (18 Nov 2005)

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"What impressed us most about Thomas was his ability to quickly and acutely synthesize business needs and technology constraints into a concrete product. His grasp of the technologies and an appreciation for the benefits each technology could deliver was chief among his valuable contributions. He met ridiculous demands with aplomb, and at the end of a very short development cycle, had produced a working demonstration of his concepts, providing a solid foundation for our continuing development."
- Barton Satchwill, Product Development Manager, Net-Linx Asia Pacific, Malaysia. (12 Nov 2005)

"The research project that Thomas worked on requires him to understand various research and development aspects of which many of these sub-problems were no ones that Thomas had prior exposure to and it required him to learn many of the things from researchers at the lab who had such expertise. I have been pleased with the initiative he showed and the discipline with which he approached the problem. Despite the short time, he did create a successful application which is convincing as to the feasibility."
- Dr. Ravi Kothari, Manager, IBM Research Lab, India. (12 May 2004)

"Thomas has been a bright and independent individual with excellent records in the university. He is able to face the challenges and dedicated in his work. He has been involved in a wide variety of projects and performed well in them. ”
- Dr. Hong-Tat Ewe, Dean, Multimedia University, Malaysia. (29 Mar 2003)

"Thomas showed a high degree of commitment during this project, his excellent performance in this project and his sense of responsibility, besides his other social capabilities will quality him to perform better at any project. He is a dedicated; competent and hardworking person coupled with an outstanding sense of collegiality and responsibility."
- Asaad Abusin, Lecturer, Multimedia University, Malaysia. (14 Mar 2003)

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