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Entrepreneurs: The Pillars of Malaysian Economy

Most people when they think of starting their own business, earning a lot of money is probably their primary goal. Soon, they will realize that life is more than just money. In fact, the desire of earning big money no longer seems like an effective motivation to push them through their entrepreneurship journey. We often heard a lot of rosy stories from the newspaper or other media that some school dropout youngsters earned their first million dollar after two years of doing some online businesses or other fancy ideas. To be blunt, I think all these are sensational news. Though it does happened in reality, but it probably requires lots of luck. Statistically speaking, the success rate of startups is one out of ten.

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Coconect’s Quest For Nurturing Thriving Customer Relationships

After months of hard work, was unveiled on 28 May 2011, launching their premier online services for helping their customers in building thriving customer relationships beyond the business transaction. Their vision was articulated clearly in their tagline, Putting the :) back in business. They had devised an innovative process to help their clients in nurturing sustainable customer relationship. Unlike those CRM software in the market, Coconect’s process was meticulously crafted to focus on the heart of customer relationship management, making sure that their services are smart yet simple, systemized yet flexible; and delivered with a lot of heart and fun!

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Microsoft’s Monopoly: What’s the big deal?

Pervasive as PC’s are now, Microsoft has made clear that they are only the beginning. The company is working toward wallet computers that carry digital signatures, money and theatre or air plane tickets; toward new generations of fax machines, telephones with screens, and car navigation systems; toward Microsoft-run interactive television boxes, office networks and wireless networks, and most potently, toward an aggressive Microsoft role in the Internet itself.The entrepreneurial spirit has long valued by all of us. This is getting more apparent today in the burgeoning computer industry. Many of today’s most successful computer industry leaders started their own businesses. Bill Gates and a handful of other entrepreneurs have achieved spectacular fame and fortune, but there are countless of other software engineers and hardware manufacturers who have developed successful small and mid-sized businesses. Competition among these businesses is the spark that ignites innovation in the computer industry, and it is innovation that brings real choice to consumers in the marketplace. There is one company – Bill Gates’ Microsoft Corporation – has achieved such a dominant role in the global computer industry that it presents a serious threat to further competition, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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